​​​​​TherapyWorks by Angela Hill LLC

​Working together to inspire change and solutions.

During the sessions... It is all about you!

  • Are old thought patterns and behaviors preventing you from establishing healthy relationships or living to your fullest potential?
  • Are events or situations from your past causing problems in your present life?
  • Are recent life changes or stress becoming a problem?

Psychotherapy can help with issues such as these. I utilize a Cognitive Behavioral approach, as well as other treatment modalities, to address thoughts that may be affecting your behaviors, relationships, or daily activities. Through a collaborative and professional relationship, we can work together to inspire change and solutions in your life.


Psychotherapy.... Is it for me?

Before we begin... Knowing your rights.

Approaching a new therapist can be a difficult first step. You are welcome to call and ask any questions about starting therapy or about the therapeutic process. Your first appointment will include time to get acquainted and explore how your concerns might be addressed in our work together.

After clarifying your goals, we will talk about mutual expectations and how counseling might benefit you. I will be honest, supportive, and respectful of your challenges and personal goals. Therapy is an ongoing and confidential process. You have the right to ask questions, request clarification, and suggest a change in our approach. We will discuss the effectiveness of therapy for you. Throughout the sessions, I will encourage you to state your wants, needs, and experiences.

Call Us:  (301) 971-4086

During the sessions, we will process your experiences through dialogue in order to identify strategies that will inspire change and solutions. I will also assist you in the following:

  • Helping you think through events and change behavioral patterns that are no longer useful.
  • Processing how your current thoughts are impacting your life and explore ways to change thoughts to result in different outcomes.
  • Focusing on how you are feeling emotionally and physically and learn to use this information.

My counseling philosophy honors the strengths you have and seeks to build on them. We will use a variety of approaches based on your goals and needs.